Saturday, May 27, 2006

The tasks

Would you be able to navigate your way around the tool Box.
Task 1
Would you be able to find your way to Web Monkey
Is it alright to take a look around in the Tool Box
what is it
A simple mark up language for the internet that publishers use to
make pagers of text and images.

Task 2
would you be able to navigate to Write HTML
I'm not sure but I'll take a look
What is it.
This is a coding method that web designers use to to make their web page/s

Task 3
can you now navigate to the site map of Australia and click on the states to find
out where they go
Gee whats this for? Are you sure you still won't me to do this
What is it.
A map of Australia with links to all states.
After scearching for a while the map was found but unfortunely none of the links
worked it said page cannot be desplayed disappointing

Task 4
Can you find your way to Principles of Visual Design
Yes I saw that one be for hang on till I find it here it is
What is it,
This is the principles and concepts used to organize or arrange your web page

Task 5
can you find your way to Fonts
Yes thats ok I saw it earler too
What is it.
The font is a specific size and style of type within a type family a
typeface style, such as Helvetica, Times Roman, etc
also for size of the text and color.

Trying to achive these tasks took quite an effort as the computer was in not
responding mode most of the time and the rest of the time the CD tool box
wouldn't start.
When asked if they would use this tool box when it was avaiable
Answer was a deffenet NO Thanks not interested
I then was asked why was this so important to sit there through all of this as
it seem to take for ever as the computer didn't like to respond and the cd
wouldn't start I had to answer sorry it took so long it was my home work
for tafe my assignment then I was told please make this the last as it is to
stressfull with the tools mucking up as well as the kiddies.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Tool Box
Here I am Friday afternoon at the computer ready to view the CD that Peter had
given me in class awhile ago.
I put the CD in the drive nothing happened so I went to my computer. In my computer it is the E: drive CD Root on it.
When I clicked on it, it took 1minute /15 seconds to open. I tried it again and this time it opened straight away.

Reading through the orientation {it opened in 15 seconds) it welcomed me to the ANTA Tool Box. Now by clicking on the about this Tool Box on the left in the pane it gives you the information that the ANTA Tool Box. It was developed to guide learners who wanted to do certificate iv Information Technology Web Design. It also has learning materials, practical tasks, and projects to help with the learning. This covers 17 core units.

Looked through teachers guide and installation guide they both responded in a couple of seconds.

Clicked on credits and found there were quite a few people who had a hand in making this tool Box CD, it was good to see the acknowledgement did go to everyone who participated.

I did click on start and found instructions for setting up a Yahoo account for an email address so I followed them and now I think I have a new email address, it wasn’t hard quite easy. Clicked on Yahoo tool bar to down load but nothing happens a bit disappointed.

Next went in to set up some web space. Filled in all relevant forms and those funny codes but after doing them at least 8 times got sick of it, (not sure if there were that many forms to go through or I missed some of the codes) so finished up.

I found my around ok, not to hard at all, some of the down loads took longer than others. I only have dialed up and the modem is 56 k’s I went to this address http://modemfaq.home.att.net/faq_b.htm#DownloadSpeed to find out more about them.

When I clicked on this address
http://www.bathurst-tafe.nsw.edu.au/%7Epshanks/webdevToolbox/webdevToolbox20060403.zip it came up as page can not be displayed only the pane on the left was visible.

I did enjoy looking at everything on the CD. After typing all this up went back for an other look I Click on start now for a quick last look but it didn’t start , I tried a few times and no response will try later as it’s time for tea.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Psendocode Code for Mowing

  1. start

  2. is the mower electric

  3. if it is YES

    1. plug the lead into the power point

    2. turn on power point

    3. turn on mower

  4. otherwise

    1. turn on fuel

    2. prime fuel

    3. pull starter cord

  5. Start mowing the grass.

  6. Finished

  7. END

Flow Chart Mowing

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What does HTTP Stand for?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

What is it?

It‘s the foundation protocol of the world wide web.

What does it do?

These are the set of rules that apply when we exchange files; (Text, pictures, sound, and video) It also works out how messages are transmitted and the actions that the browser takes for the commands. EG; When you enter the address of the site you are after, it sends a HTTP command to the server and help to find it and brings it back, the web site you requested.

HTTP is a application protocol. HTTP Server;

This is a computer that is always connected to the net and websites can be stored and access any time of the day or night.


During my research I came across HTTPS and this is short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

This is secure. (I didn’t know this) HTTP or S-HTTP; This is a secure exchange of information on the web. S-HTTP; these files are encrypted and have a digital certificate. This kind of security is most likely to more security than just an ID number and password.


Protocol When the hardware and software that connects to network computer it allows them to talk to each other or (communicates.) Apache HTTP Server; This one is an open source HTTP web server for Unix-systems and Microsoft Windows.

HTTP-ng This one has gone to the future (ha ha I thought I was reading about Star Wars) The ng stands for the Next Generation. Its replaces the HTTP 1.0,HTTP-ng maintains the simplicity of HTTP 1.0 adding security and authentication.

HTTP Cookie,

This dude is magic. It is a bunch of information sent by the server to a browser for the web and then sent back by the browser every time it is accessed.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

well i don't know what happened here. my enter was here i checked and read through it. now i have checked again before it is due and it has changed to gobblie gook i carn't read it anymore not sure what went wrong so i'll try once more. the enter was about a couple of FTP's that I had entered.
the first was CuteFTP.It didn't take that long to download. i was quite surprised.This one was at the lower price of $59.99 instead of$79.99.
with 1 year surport/free upgrades for 1 license for an extra $20.00.and if you buy Cutehtml 2.3 it was a saving of $7.99 and cost only $12.00.
This came from GlobalScape witch provides secure file management softwarethat enables companies to saftly send data over the internet.This company guarantees the privacy of all information .you also can upgrade CUTEFTP7 home if you are a licensed user of CuteFtp3, 4 5XP,Pro1, Pro2,pro3, and 6 home edition.the cost is $19.99.there is 209 store nationwideand 5 million internet usres have chosen CuteFTP.

The next one I looked at was Coffeecup.
it was licened as Freeware. operating systems from 98to xp.unlimited evaluation period.very popular file size 3.57MB.
with drag and drop FTP uploads and downloads and works with all major FTP servers.
Other Titles:-
Coffeecup DirectFTP
Ripper and Burner
VisualSite Designer
This progam allows yopu to convert multiple graphics at once.also view,print,capure,edit, resize,rotate, flip,mirror,crop,use fillers and so on.the progam surpports 80 file formats such as jpg,gif,bmp,png,wmf,tiff,tga,and so on.it creats amazing images for your web site price $34.00 for a trial period of 21 days file size is 3.37MB and was released on 20/2/06.